WeWood Warranty

Your WEWOOD® timepiece comes with a limited manufacturer defect warranty for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase under the following terms and conditions:

The warranty only comes into force if the proof of purchase is shown,during the warranty period and by presenting the proof of purchase from a Authorized WeWood vendor, you will have the right to have any manufacturing defect repaired free of charge. In the event that we are unable to restore your watch to normal conditions of use, we guarantee its replacement with a WEWOOD timepiece of the same or similar model/color only within the 24 month warranty.

For each U.S. purchase made from our website a ONE YEAR PEACE OF MIND WARRANTY will come with your purchase, so if your watch needs to be repaired under warranty within one year of purchase, we will gladly pay your shipping costs both ways. If you would like extended coverage, you can purchase a TWO YEAR PEACE OF MIND WARRANTY at the time of purchase for $10 and we will cover the shipping costs both ways for the duration of the 24 month warranty.  

If you did not purchase the two year peace of mind warranty, we simply ask you pay the return shipping costs during the second year of the warranty. Peace of mind warranties are not available for international purchases and we ask you pay the return shipping both ways due to high international shipping costs. 

If you need to have your watch repaired under the WeWood warranty please send an email to

The WEWOOD warranty does not cover:

Normal wear and tear or deterioration (Strap/Links/Clasp/Crown)
The life of the battery
Crystal (Scratches)
Loss or Theft
Damage from abnormal/abusive use, lack of care, negligence.
Accidents (knocks, dents, cracks, broken links etc.) 
Incorrect use of the watch
Damages caused by third party (e.g.battery replacement, services, repairs, link removals, alterations or damage caused by the link tool being used incorrectly). 
Damaged links from link removal


If your watch is not covered under warranty, we  do offer affordable repair options for any damage that may result from daily use. Send us a email to for pricing info

Please allow our support team up to 2 business days to respond back to your request. As long as you provided us all the details required and we have confirmed your watch is covered under the WeWOOD Warranty, we will provide you with a return authorization number (RA #) and a customer form that you must then complete and mail in with your watch.

Please note for watch repairs: We will try to get your repair completed as quickly as possible. The normal time frame for a standard watch repair is 7-14 business days once received at our repair center. However, if we need to order in a special part to complete your repair this will increase the repair time needed.